Service: Anaesthesia

Specialist Veterinary Anaesthetics

Keely Wilson is a board-certified Specialist in Veterinary Anaesthesia (temporary loss of awareness) and Analgesia (removal of pain).

Specialist Veterinary Anaesthetists possess advanced training in all aspects of anaesthesia and pain management for a wide range of species. Anaesthesia carries some risk, especially in patients with underlying health conditions, but this can be significantly reduced if managed by a trained Specialist Anaesthetist.

The Pet Specialists may provide the following services to assist with pain management during and after procedures.

  • Advanced pain management
  • Ventilation techniques
  • Management of critical patients & their anaesthesia
  • Nerve blocks
  • Local Anaesthesia
  • General anaesthesia

Placement of epidural catheters under fluoroscopic guidance

Epidural catheters can be used to deliver analgesia agents close to the spinal cord. This helps to reduce some of the side effects of systemic analgesia. Placement of these can be tricky and sometimes anaesthetists work with our radiologists to ensure it is positioned in the perfect place.

Monitoring of Neuromuscular blocking agents

Specialist anaesthetists may use agents that provide deep muscle relaxation. By monitoring the effects of these medications, we are able to safely recover our patients while these agents are in effect during the postoperative period.

Ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia

Nerve blocks may be used to facilitate surgery, in order to avoid the requirement for large doses of systemic analgesia. Using ultrasound guidance, Veterinary Anaesthetists are able to visualise the nerve and deposit smaller amounts of local anaesthetics.



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