Outpatient Services

Outpatient Veterinary Specialist Services

We offer an outpatient radiology service and an outpatient cardiology service, alongside our mobile surgeons. The Pet Specialists are committed to providing services that speak to the needs of our referring vets, their clients and pets. We understand the need for in-house services to be available to our Referring Vets, providing a convenience for both the vet and the client.

Mobile Surgery

The Pet Specialists have teamed up with Consulting Animal Specialists to bring Specialist care to you.  Our team of highly trained Specialist Veterinary Surgeons, Dr Eugene Buffa, Dr Alen Lai and Dr Ross McGregor, provide a wide range of services for the local community of pets. We perform consultations, examinations, and several procedures within the familiar environment of your local vet clinic. For patients requiring specialised equipment or monitoring, we will recommend treatment in our state of the art, purpose-built Specialist Hospital located in Terrey Hills. 

To make an enquiry or book a consultation at your clinic please email contact@animalspecialists.com.au

Or call the Hospital on (02) 9452 2933 and ask for Mobile services.

Outpatient Radiology

Outpatient abdominal ultrasound can be performed by a board-certified radiologist, in our specialist hospital without a formal referral. The patient will be admitted by a nurse, the  ultrasound performed, then the imaging report will be sent direct to the referring vet.

Our services are provided by Dr Kathleen Chow and Dr Sarah Davies (both Board Certified Radiologists) and Dr Dave Collins (Internal Medicine Specialist).  We aim to assist you with your diagnostic imaging investigations and provide continued education with clear and supportive communication. This also provides you an opportunity to seek advice directly from our internal medicine and surgery specialists regarding your case.


  1. If you would like to refer your patient for an ultrasound or have any questions, please call The Pet Specialists on (02) 9452 2933
  2. Complete a request form here or email info@tps.vet.au
  3. Send any previous imaging studies to info@tps.vet.au (DICOM essential)
  4. We will contact you to finalise your booking.

Patients that are severely critical, have complications, or need more advanced imaging should be referred to The Pet Specialists Hospital for evaluation.

Outpatient Cardiology

We offer an opportunity for patients with stable heart disease to have an echocardiogram performed by our Board-Certified Cardiologist, Dr Mariko Yata, without a formal referral.  Following the echo cardiogram, a report will be sent to you, the referring vet, so that you can discuss the diagnosis, treatment and management plans directly with the pet owners.

  • On receipt of a request form, we will contact the owners directly to book an appointment
  • Our nurse will admit the patient and an echo will be performed while the owner waits
  • A written report of the results will be sent to the referring veterinarian.


  1. Complete the online echocardiogram request form here
  2. Dispense trazodone or gabapentin to anxious dogs and cats, if appropriate
  3. Advise the owner that the Cardiologist will not speak directly with them, but they will receive the results and plan from you following the examination
  4. Please contact with enquiries at info@tps.vet.au or call (02) 9452 2933

Note – Outpatient echocardiogram does not include reviews of ECG, X-Rays or any other tests you may have performed in-house.  A formal cardiology referral can be arranged at any time.  As this will require review of any prior case information and additional time for client communication, the clients may need to return on a separate day.