Diagnostic Imaging

Service: Imaging

Specialist Veterinary  Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging is a powerful investigative tools that help to establish a diagnosis through non-invasive techniques.

Diagnostic imaging has transformed healthcare and now allows for earlier diagnosis of medical conditions, reduces the need for invasive exploratory procedures and creates better patient outcomes. The Pet Specialists offer a comprehensive diagnostic imaging service. 

Our specialists are board certified and have many years of experience in Diagnostic Imaging.  Our new hospital in Terrey Hills is well equipped with the latest equipment to perform the following services:

  • Ultrasound- Including thoracic, abdominal and Musculo skeletal
  • Advanced Imaging-CT & external MRI
  • Outpatient ultrasonography
  • Digital radiography
  • Mobile ultrasonography
  • Ultrasound guided fine need aspirates
  • Ultrasound guided biopsies
  • Diagnostic imaging reports to assist patient treatment and management
  • CT guided biopsies
  • Ultrasound-guided interventional treatment options
  • Fluoroscopic studies, such as swallow studies, upper airway studies and assistance with interventional procedures



Diagnostic Imaging